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Merchantware® Product Overview

Merchantware Payment Gateway: A web-based card payment processing gateway interface and virtual terminal that allows merchants to process transactions and manage their merchant account over a secure internet connection.

Merchantware Web Services API: PA-DSS validated integration method for secure, high-speed transaction processing and seamless operations management. API enables merchants to process all forms of payments through various software products and POS systems.

TransPort: PA-DSS validated software payment application that allows POS developers to remove the card processing function entirely from their software while retaining full functionality through a "transaction portal." Ideal solution for both small- and mid-sized merchant environments and for developers or VARs who need PA-DSS certified solutions. TransPort takes developers 'out-of-scope' of PA-DSS and can eliminate the need for an audit. It is available via DLL or web-based portal integrations.

Merchantware Software Emulators: Uses your existing PC Charge Pro or ICVerify interfaces in your POS system. Encrypted card information is stored off-site at Merchant Warehouse servers. This solution is PCI DSS/PABP compliant with virtual terminal options.

Merchantware Mobile: A user-friendly, PA-DSS and PCI compliant payment processing application for nearly all smartphone platforms: Apple, Windows, Blackberry and Android. Simple to download and activate and has unlimited users per single merchant account.

Gift & Loyalty: Gift and loyalty card solution offering detailed reconciliation reporting, a customer card program and website integration. This solution helps merchants and partners increase customer loyalty, retention and revenues. Gift card processing is free.

Dial Back-up: Enables merchants to stay connected and process transactions when there is a disruption in the network.

Secure Encrypted Card Reader (SECR): Asecure card reader solution that encrypts card data at the point of swipe and securely stores encrypted transaction data at the Merchant Warehouse data vault. Returns secure token to merchant POS system for subsequent transactions. Ideal solution for those merchants that need to meet PCI DSS certification and want both security and ease of use.

Signature Capture: Electronic signature capture technology automates the storage of sales receipts to simplify receipt management. Effectively eliminates the need to store sales receipts and efficiently manages receipt retrieval.

BINsmart: Patent-pending and award-winning technology that evaluates every card transaction to determine the best cost solution for payment processing, resulting in significant savings to the merchant. Designed for use with our exclusive dial-up/IP terminals, our integrated payment processing solution or with Pay@ the Table terminals.

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Now you can help your merchants minimize their processing costs! Employ our unique, patent-pending BINsmart Cost Manager tool and save your customers money on nearly half of their transactions!
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