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Secure Encrypted Card Reader - SECR

Merchantware SECR offers a reliable and convenient swipe path with complete security features for those merchants that need to meet PCI DSS certification and want both security and ease of use. This USB powered and easy to install retail card reader offers advanced security features such as data encryption, card authentication, Triple DES encryption and secure PIN debit. The encrypted card reader secures cardholder data at the point of swipe, transmits encrypted card data over any network (private or public) and securely stores encrypted transaction data at the Merchant Warehouse data vault. Merchant PCI compliance can be completed in an easier, faster and possibly less expensive way.

  • Key features: encrypted and tokenized data and point of swipe encryption
  • Key benefit: data is always encrypted at merchant location and is never 'in the clear'.

Encrypted card reader with advanced Triple DES encryption technology and DUKPT key management ensures data is never 'in the clear'.

  • Tokenized card data
    • Processes both recurring and repeat transactions securely
  • Point of swipe encryption
    • Eliminates internal & external security failure points
    • Protects against key loggers & USB devices
  • Minimizes scope and headaches of PCI compliance audit at the merchant level

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