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Transport Platform

Hosted PA-DSS validated payment solutions with industry-leading card data security

PCI compliance is difficult and can be expensive. PA-DSS audits are complex, time-consuming and also expensive. The Merchantware® Transport Platform solves both problems, taking the developer "out-of-scope" for PA-DSS and making compliance easier and less expensive for the merchant, regardless of the payment environment.

Transport removes the card processing function entirely from POS software and provides enhanced security through SSL, tokenization and end-to-end encryption. Additional fraud detection is available through the MagnePrint card recognition service and merchants and developers can further brand their solutions using customizable layout and color scheme options.

Transport benefits any developer who may be using open source architecture. The web-based approach means developers don't need to worry about expensive software upgrades. It also keeps traditional and older POS systems compliant at no extra cost.

Transport.web: Perfect secure payment solution for all business environments

Transport.web is the perfect solution for e-commerce merchants because it off-loads the card processing to a PCI DSS certified server. By removing the POS software or shopping cart from PA-DSS scope, Transport.web enables merchants to operate their online store within PCI DSS regulations without incurring any additional costs.

It's one of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve and maintain compliance and secure card holder data for e-commerce merchants. With a simple integration, your POS application is secure and keeps your customer data safe.

Best solution to get out-of-scope fast.

  • web-based and operating platform independent
  • designed to work for anyone that can POST to a web page
  • no software download or installation The simplest secure payment solution for all mobile devices and websites is a hosted payment page designed specifically for mobile devices. With a simple integration, your mobile payment application keeps your customer data safe

Secure Mobile Payments — It's here.

  • web-based and operating platform independent
  • specifically designed for mobile displays
  • no software download or installation

Transport.client: A simple way to get your legacy POS system out-of-scope

Transport.client is designed specifically as a client application. Using a .DLL interface, windows based POS systems can easily be transformed into a PA-DSS validated payment solution. With unlimited free technical support and a simple integration, your POS system will keep your customer data safe.

Secure POS Legacy Systems with no hassle.

  • for use with POS applications that are local to the computer (not hosted or web-based)
  • ideal for legacy POS systems or those that use open source architecture
  • .DLL interface for windows based systems

Transport Platform Quick Summary

Merchantware Transport is a hosted payment solution that eliminates the need for a PA-DSS audit for point-of-sale (POS) software, shopping carts, websites, mobile payments and SaaS solutions.

Transport Platform Benefits

  • maximum card data security using SSL, tokenization, end-end encryption and off-site data storage
  • supports most external peripherals
    • PIN pads
    • magnetic card readers
    • signature capture devices
  • available with Secure PIN debit option
  • MagnePrint card recognition service
  • free Virtual Terminal accessible via .NET or .COM
  • free, unlimited technical support
  Transport.web Transport.client
Integration method Web-based portal great for web-based solutions Web-based mobile portal great for mobile displays and websites DLL interface / Windows® only
Software requirements Web-based; no downloads needed Web-based; no downloads needed Windows machines / POS application local to computer
Compliance PCI Compliant PCI Compliant PA-DSS validated
Transaction portal Yes Yes Yes
Card data collection & storage Merchant Warehouse data vault Merchant Warehouse data vault Merchant Warehouse data vault
PA-DSS Audits Out-of-scope Out-of-scope Out-of-scope
Approach to compliance Fast and simple for developer & merchant Fast and simple for developer & merchant Fast and simple for developer & merchant
Ease of use Easiest for all Simplest for mobile Best for legacy
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