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BINsmart is a patent-pending, award-winning processing technology that offers merchants significant savings on processing costs and provides the developer with a valuable feature exclusive to Merchant Warehouse. BINsmart is processor independent and is designed to work with a wide variety of stand-alone IP/dial-up terminals or as an integrated solution with Merchant Warehouse's Merchantware product suite.

BINsmart assesses each card transaction and estimates the most effective payment processing method. Using both card type and additional parameters, BINsmart optimizes interchange costs and minimizes merchant account fees every time a card transaction occurs. It automatically determines whether to accept payment by credit or PIN-debit. This results in significant monthly processing savings for the merchant.

It is an ideal cost-savings solution for most any retail or restaurant businesses.

Pay @ the Table with BINsmart

Pay @ the Table with BINsmart uses all the features of the BINsmart product and provides your hospitality merchants with an easy to use, secure wireless payment option that brings payment to the customer in a fast, efficient and secure way. With Pay @ the Table both the customer and merchant truly benefit. Customers are in control of their credit card. Merchants are in control of their operating costs.

Pay-at-the-table also improves both the restaurant and customer experience in three important ways:

offers better card security and protection against identity theft because the customer maintains control of their credit card.

increases table turns and customer satisfaction because the payment process cycle is shortened.

improves operational costs with BINsmart technology and streamlined payments.

Pay @ the Table is customized for each merchant and uses Bluetooth wireless terminals that have extended reach. It is the ideal secure, wireless solution for table-side payments, patio service, curb-side payments, drive-thru payments and seasonal check-outs.

"It's the most important innovation in payment processing in the last 20 years."
- Response from leading payment solutions executive

  • Automatically identifies card type at time of transaction
  • Reduces merchant account costs on transactions
  • Calculates each merchant's rate based on card type (credit, PIN debit, corporate, rewards, etc.) and additional parameters such as SIC, zip code and sale amount
  • Automatically alerts POS system to prompt for PIN or signature or other required fields
  • Pro-actively protects against costly downgrades by:
    • Identifying additional information needed for swiped corporate/government cards
    • Supporting end-of-day auto-batch processing
Pay@ the Table w/BINsmart
  • Same as original BINsmart
  • Eliminates card skimming
  • Secure Bluetooth wireless payment option
  • Improved customer service and experience
  • Improved operational costs
    • Increased table turns
    • Lower processing costs
  • Enhanced wait staff service and experience
    • Better server tips
    • More efficient service
  • Patent-pending technology that is automatically updated, host-maintained, and processor independent
  • Optimized interchange rates and account fees
  • Integrates via API with Merchantware for developers & VARs
  • Stand-alone IP/Dial-up terminals
  • Automated BIN range updates
  • Significant processing cost savings of 5-12%
  • Pay@ the Table option (ideal for full service restaurants)
  • Exclusive to Merchant Warehouse
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