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Merchantware® Solutions Portfolio

Merchantware is a software portfolio of secure payment processing applications designed with advanced end-to-end encryption technology and for easy integration into POS systems. Advanced technology and functionality, combined with free in-house integration services and customer support make integrating with Merchantware easy.  Our Beyond PCI and TransPort products are designed to help minimize PCI Compliance for merchants and take developers out-of-scope for PA-DSS Compliance.

Merchantware® Web Services API 3.0
Designed for secure, high-speed transaction processing and seamless operations management. Read More>>

Merchantware® BINsmart
Technology that evaluates every card transaction to determine the most cost effective processing method. Read More>>

Protect merchants and their customers cardholder data more than is required by the PCI requirements. Read More>>

Merchantware® Payment Gateway
Allows merchants to process transactions and manage their merchant account over a secure internet connection. Read More>>

Merchantware® TransPort
Simplify POS integrations, and minimize the PA-DSS audit compliance requirements. Read More>>

Merchantware® Mobile
Payment processing application for Apple iPhone/iTouch and BlackBerry device. Read More>>

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